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Dr. Koenen is a graduate of the Duke University School of Law and completed a fellowship in forensic psychiatry and Tulane University.  He is a member of the California State Bar and practiced law in California prior to establishing his psychiatric practice in Seattle.  Dr. Koenen is board certified in Forensic Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Dr. Koenen has worked on variety of civil and criminal cases since 2004.  He has served as an expert witness for both the prosecution and the defense in a number of criminal trials.  He has also been retained by both plaintiffs and defendants in a a variety of civil matters.  Dr. Koenen has testified in Federal Court, in the Washington State court system, before the Washington State Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals and in Navy and Coast Guard Courts Martial.  

Dr. Koenen has extensive experience in the following types of legal issues:

-Criminal responsibility (Not guilty by reason of insanity and diminished capacity defenses)

-Capacity to stand trial

-Assessment of drug and alcohol use disorders

-Reliability of eyewitness testimony and memory

-Personal injury claims

-Disability claims

-Fitness for duty evaluations (when hired by employer only)

-Testamentary capacity and undue influence

-Treatment recommendations

-Capacity to refuse medications

Dr. Koenen does not do the following:

-Child custody evaluations

-Fitness for duty evaluations when hired by the individual subject to the evaluations. 

-Court-ordered treatment

-Give legal advice or practice law in Washington State

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